The convergence of media & technology: Why marketing leaders need to react now

July 29, 2021, 9:00AM - 10:00AM PT

The media industry is in the middle of a tectonic shift and this presents a host of challenges for marketing leaders. On the one hand, audiences are steadily moving away from television and live content toward on-demand, digital experiences. And on the other, the line between media companies and technology companies is blurring, with social media companies and content aggregators such as Facebook and Google more mindful of their role in publishing and distributing content, and traditional media houses racing to set up digital platforms.

Businesses that don’t react now will lose their competitive edge. This webinar will explore how the convergence of media and technology have thrown up fresh challenges and opportunities for growth, marketing, and experience executives and what are the digital interventions the industry leaders are deploying in their business to adapt and thrive.