Reinsurance: The data driven future

November 4, 2021

4:00 – 5:15 pm BST

Genpact has partnered with Reinsurance news and Artemis to bring you a live webcast that will focus on the use of technology within the reinsurance sector and the importance of data as a driver of future innovation.

In recent years the push for efficiency and innovation, as well as the increased availability of advanced technological solutions, promise to transform the way business is underwritten and operations are managed. We’ll discuss issues such as:

  • Technological maturity of insurance and the reinsurance market
  • The importance of robust data and being able to use it effectively
  • What reinsurers can do to stay up to speed with tech developments
  • How technology will drive trends in matching risk and capital efficiently
  • Our speakers thoughts on how the future of reinsurance landscape could look as the new technology is adopted at pace

Panelists will include Sameer Dewan from Genpact, Vasco Nunes from Swiss re, Saun Bourgeois from Tremor Technologies.

Moderator will be Steve Evans, Owner and Editor, Reinsurance News and Artemis.

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