CFO vision 2025: Driving growth now and in the future

September 29, 2021

10:00am – 1:00pm ET

Hosted by Saurabh Gupta, President HFS Research with guests:

  • Reetika Fleming, Research Leader, HFS
  • Ernesto Fraire, CFO, Fyffes,
  • Katie Stein, Chief Strategy Officer and Global Business Leader, Enterprise Services, Genpact
  • Prakash Hariharan, Finance Transformation and Growth Head, Genpact

Future-ready CFOs are shaking off the constraints of uncertainty to firmly focus their businesses on innovation and growth. Moving beyond cash flow strategies to build resilience, the bold new face of finance is accelerating its use of automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Sharing predictive insights, it’s helping its business get closer to customers, employees, and suppliers, find new channels for growth, and deepen its brand loyalty and reputation.

The 2025 growth agenda centers around five key themes:

    1. Advanced analytics to achieve deeper intelligence, more accurate and agile planning, and faster, better decision-making
    2. Agile operating models and automation to enable early value realization of carve outs and growth acquisitions
    3. Connected ecosystems to break down silos and foster internal and external collaborations that unlock new opportunities
    4. Cash flow management to maximize re-investment back into the business and fund growth initiatives
    5. Ethical and social actions that build brand reputation and still benefit the bottom line

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